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July Machinery Exchange 2017 - Thursday, July 6, 2017 Thursday, July 20, 2017 - Starting at 10:00am CDT

Item Description
1.Rousseau Rolling Tool Chest. (1) Full Width 3" Deep Drawer, (10) 1/2 Width Drawers 4-7" Deep, 49 1/2"x25 1/2"x1 1/2" Thick Hardwood Top, Key, Approx 53"x25 1/2"x43"
2.SPI 6" to 7" Micrometer. .0001" Resolution, Ratchet Thimble, Standard, Plastic Case
3.Honda Model EU1000 Inverter Generator. 900VA Rated Output, 1000VA Max Output, 120 Volt 60HZ AC/12V 8ADC Output, Gasoline Powered, Recoil Start
4.Federal Pacific Cat No. T4T45 3-Phase Transformer. 45KVA, 480 Volt Primary, 208Y/120 Volt Secondary, 345lbs, 22 1/2"x20"x34"
5.Arboga Wilton Model A300W Gear Head Drill Press. 12 1/2" Throat, 16"x13" T-Slotted Table, (8) Spindle Speeds: 90 to 3610 RPM, #3 MT Spindle, Table and Head Elevation Mechanisms, 230 Volt 3-Phase, s/n: 345323. Approx 20"x27"x72"
6.CM Model H "LodeStar" Electric Chain Hoist. 1-Ton Capacity, 8FPM Hoist Speed, Swivel Hook, Pendant Control, 110 Volt, s/n: L-078-JB
7.Kurt Model D688 6" Precision Machine Vise with Handle and (2) Sets of Jaws, s/n: 132325
8.(6) Niagara 1/2" Diameter 5-Flute Carbide End Mills. 1 1/4" Flute Length, 3" Overall Length
12.Okamoto Precision Grinding Wheel Balancer. Static Type, 20"x3" Approximate Max Wheel Size, Test Arbor
13.Gentec 7 1/2HP Rotary Phase Converter with GE Catalog No. 9T51B0111 1.5KVA Buck Boost Transformer, 120/240 Volt Primary, 12/24 Volt Secondary; Switch Box, Wire & Conduit. Note: Cart not included
14.Gorbel Free Standing Jib Crane. 250lb Capacity, Approx 88" Under Jib, 72" Useable Jib Length, Trolly, 15"x15" Base, s/n: 328806
15.Sweed Model 510AMHD Scrap Chopper with Stand. 1 1/2HP 230/460 Volt 3-Phase, s/n: 41516. 48"x48"X64"
16.Westhoff Model WM-100 Ultra Sensitive Drilling Machine. 8 1/4"x8 1/2" T-Slotted Table, 5 1/2" Table Travel, 4 1/2" Vertical Head Travel, 12" Horizontal Head Travel, Albrecht 0-1/8" Capacity Keyless Chuck, Indicator, Variable Speed Spindle, 110 Volt, s/n: 88-734
18.Dayton model 4Z130C DC Gearmotor. 81.8:1 Ration, 90/130 Volt with Dart 250 Series Variable Speed Control, 110 Volt Supply.
20.FMB Model "Phoenix" Horizontal Miter Band Saw, Pull Down Type, 7-3/4" x 9-1/2" Rated Capacity, 8-5/8" Diameter Capacity in Rounds, Swivel Head to Right 60-Degrees, Table Vise, Work Stop, 8' x 1" x .035" Standard Blade Size, 2-Blade Speeds: 100 & 200 FPM, 1 HP, s/n: NF01593. Approx 60"x47"x60" (Dimensions not including conveyor)
21.Metro Starsys Enclosed Rolling Shelf. 39 1/2"x21" Max Shelf Dimensions, (2) Roll-Out and (2) Fixed Shelves, All Shelves Vertically Adjustable, 2-Door Plastic Enclosure with Key, Approx 43"x28"x76 1/2" Note: Must have one shelf in correct vertical position for lock to engage.
24.Assorted Reamers, Approx. (18), 1/2"-3/4", Some New, Most Are Coolant Through.
26.(9) Sandvik C3 Collet Chucks, 1" Shank, 6.5" OAL, S8 6 C3NFM.
27.(100) Approx. FutureTech Diamond Inserts, TICPMW-325-1D01, CPMW 32.51, 3/4 Strip.
28.(2)Parlec Cat 40 Tapers, Jacobs Taper Adapter with Jacobs Chucks, 0"-1/2" Cap. Parlec Cat 40 Outside Taper, JT33 Inside Taper, Part # C40-33JT1
30.Toyota Model 8FGCSU20 Fork Lift Truck. 3750lb Capacity, 189" Lift, Side Shift, Cushion Tires, 4"x42" Forks, Scale, Cage, 83" Closed Height, s/n: 10414. Note: Scale does not turn on. Fuel tank not included. Fuel available for loading.
31.Self-Dumping Hopper. Approx 1/4-Yard Capacity, 38"x52"x32 1/2"
32.Justrite Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet. 30-Gallon Capacity, 2-Door, (1) Adjustable Shelf, Approx 43"x19"x44 1/4"
33.Beacon Hydraulic Box Tipper. Believed to be 4000lb Capacity, 49"x51" Platform, Adjustable Retainer Bar, Pendant Control, 2HP 208-230/460 Volt 3-Phase Motor. Approx 70"x70"x70"
34.Federal Pacific Cat No. T4T45 3-Phase Transformer. 45KVA, 480 Volt Primary, 208Y/120 Volt Secondary, 345lbs, 22 1/2"x20"x34"
35.Matsumoto Model MDT200412 CNC Indexer. (4) 9" Diameter T-Slotted Tables, 12" Center Distance, Manual Tilt: 20-Degree Back & 100-Degree Front, 12" Work Height, s/n: 87001. Approx 18"x80"x12" and 800lbs
36.Firepower Welding and Cutting Outfit with Tanks, Regulators, Hoses, Torch, Helmet, Goggles and More. Note: No Papers
37.(2) .0001" Ratchet Thimble Micrometers: (1) 10-11" and (1) 11-12"
38.Tolhurst Chip Spinner Basket. 38" Diameter
39.(9) Assorted End Mill Style Cat 40 Tool Holders from 1/4" to 1" Capacity and (4) 10-Place 40-Taper Tool Holder Racks
40.Wicaco Continuous Oil Groover. 14" Diameter Platen, 7/32" Max Groove Length, 3/8" Max Groove Width, 1/4" to 4 1/2" Groove Hole Diameter, 1/8" to 7"Adjustable Stroke, 1HP 220/440 Volt 3-Phase Motor and Controls, s/n: 5009.
41.Ingersoll Rand Intelliflow Bypass Valve. 9" Pipe Flange Diameter, 4 1/4" ID of Pipe, Approx 60"x48"x17"
42.Lawson Products 3-Drawer Letter Drill Index. A-Z, 14 3/4"x8"x8"
43.Abel-Howe Post Mount Jib Crane. 1/2-Ton Capacity, 83" Useable Jib Length, Mounting Brackets, Trolly
44.Baldor Cat No. CM3456-M17 3-Phase Electric Motor. 56C Frame, 3/4HP 1725 RPM, 208-230/460 Volt, with Right Angle Reduction Gearbox
45.Honda Model EU1000 Inverter Generator. 900VA Rated Output, 1000VA Max Output, 120 Volt 60HZ AC/12V 8ADC Output, Gasoline Powered, Recoil Start
46.Adjustable Boring Head with 1/2" Straight Shank and (3) Insert Type Boring Bars
47.Lawson Products Hardware Organizer with (1) 4-Drawer Box, (1) 2-Drawer Box, Stand and Contents of: Washers, Nuts, Philips Pan Head Machine Screws from 6-32 to 1/4-20x1/2; Philips Pan Head Sheet Metal Head Screws and More. Note: 4-Drawer box has (3) organizers
48.(2) Kurt Model KPS-6000 Parallel Keepers and Set of 6"x1/8" Parallels, 1/2" to 1 5/8" Wide
49.(4) 35 3/8" Long Sections of Yellow Jacket Cable Protectors with (3) 2" Wide Channels and Custom Cart
50.AMH Model 133 MSF Bender/Expander. 3/4" to 3" Bending and Swaging Capacity, 1 1/4" to 3" Hydra-Sizer Capacity, On Wheels, 5HP 230 Volt 3-Phase Motor, s/n: 2670. Approx 43"x66"x43"
51.Backstage Equipment Metal Frame Cart with Pneumatic Wheels. Assorted Shelves, Compartments, Tow Bar, s/n: 01063. Approx 75"x28"x68"
52.Safe With Combo. Approx 31 1/4"x30"x45 1/2" and 1710lbs. Note: No instructions for combination.
53.Starrett No. 124 Inside Micrometer. 2" to 12" Measuring Range, Complete, Padded Case
54.Pair of Bimba Pneumatic Cylinders with Hose and Connecting Pins. 3.25" Bore, 16" Stroke.
55.35 1/2"x13 3/4" Electromagnetic Chuck with Neutrofier Control. 230/460 Volt 1-Phase
56.Assorted Fasteners: Bolts, Hooks, Nuts, Self-Locking Nuts, Anchors and More
57.Sailor Model RZ-200F Sprue Picking Robot. Approx 30 1/2"x66"x24' Travels, Control Cabinet & Console, 208 Volt 3-Phase, s/n: 1294. Approx 57"x106"x74" (As-Is Dimensions)
58.(2) .0001" Ratchet Thimble Micrometers: (1) 8-9" and (1) 9-10"
59.Mitutoyo Code No. 70105 Magnetic Base Indiecator Stand with Mitutoyo No. 2417 1" Travel, .0001" Resolution Dial Indicator
60.Nardini Model SZ-2080T Removable Gap Bed Engine Lathe, 20"/28" x 80" Rated Capacity, 20" Swing Over Bed, 28" Swing in Gap, 10-3/4" Total Length of Gap, 80" Maximum Distance Between Centers, 3-1/8" Hole Thru Spindle, 18-Spindle Speeds: 19 to 1,500 RPM, Inch/Metric Threading, Taper Attachment, 12-1/2" 4-Jaw Chuck, Steady Rest, Coolant, Tailstock, Chip Pans, Rear Chip Guard, 220 Volt Three Phase Motor and Controls, s/n: B5HFTSZ276. Approx 144"x54"x55"
61.DeWalt Model DW130V 1/2" Capacity VSR Drill, s/n: 768338
62.12"x8"x9"x1" Slotted Angle Plate
63.6" Precision Machine Vise with Handle. USA Made
64.Olympia 5" Bench Vise with Swivel Base
65.Assorted Tooling: (1) Jacobs Model 18N Ball Bearing Super Chuck, 1/8" to 3/4" Capacity, No Shank; (1) 1/2" Capacity Chuck, No Shank; (1) R8 Shank Shell Mill Holder with Cutter
66.Stationary Crane. 3000lb Capacity, Approx 9' Trolley Travel on Beam, 3000lb Capacity Cable Hoist with Festooning and Pendant Control
67.Panel Moving Cart with 47 1/4" Wide Base, 37 1/2" High Back, Approx 47 1/4"x22"x47"
68.Tolhurst Chip Spinner Basket. 38" Diameter
69.Warfel Mfg. Hydraulic Power Unit. 21GPM, Bosch 3000psi Pump, 37"x24"x18" Reservoir, Filtration, 20HP 208-230/460 Volt 3-Phase Motor, Approx 39"x25"x45"
70.Kellenberger Model 1000U Cylindrical Grinder. 39.37" Max Between Centers, 5" Center Height, 15.75"x2"x5" Grinding Wheel Capacity, Swivel Table, Motorized Workhead, Lever Type Tailstock, Collet Closer, Coolant Tank & Pump, 240 Volt 3-Phase Motor and Controls, s/n: 32460-2205. Approx 115"x54"x62" (Machine) 40"x54"x55" (Pallet with Control & Coolant Tank) 5500lbs
71.(8) Metal Frame Plastic Seat & Back Folding Chairs
72.6"x30" Comparator Stage with Paier of 1 5/8" High Centers and (1) 3" High Riser Block with 6"x4 1/2" Surface
73.(2) .0001" Ratchet Thimble Micrometers: (1) 0-1" and (1) 1-2"
74.Mr Heater Model MH18B "Big Buddy" Propane Heater. 18,000 BTU/HR Max Output, Battery Operated Circulating Fan, Uses 1lb Disposable Cylinders, s/n: MHL-74000601083. Approx 19"x12"x17"
75.Nelmor Plastic Granulator. 12"x10 3/4" Opening, On Wheels, 10HP 230/460 Volt 3-Phase Motor, s/n: na. Approx 38"x48"x70"
76.(3) Screw-On Type Lathe Face Plates: (2) 17" and (1) 16"
77.Assorted 50-Taper Retention Knobs
78.Rolling Cabinet with (3) Drawers and (1) Door. 40"x26"36"
79.Bodine Electric Type 42R5BFCI-E3 Gearmotor. 1/6HP, 20:1 Ratio, 85 RPM, 90lb/in Torque, 110 Volt
80.Wisconsin Oven Corp Model SWT-5128-E6.6 Batch Oven. 650F Max Temperature, 62"x142"x96" Inside, Digital Programming with Temp and Time Chart Recorder, 480 Volt 3-Phase, s/n: 059189906. Approx 90"x156"x156" and 10,000lbs

Location: Turtle Lake, WI

81.Metal Cart with (3) Shelves. 50 1/2"x24"x54"
82.48"x48" Rolling Metal Frame, 9 1/2" High
83.Assorted Roughing End Mills up to 2 3/4"
84.Habor Model HBO-2RPTSB-MSHR/MHE Oil Cooler, 220 Volt 3-Phase, s/n: 21810. Approx 27"x33"x57 1/2"
85.(7) Electrical Lock-Out Boxes
86.Lawson Products 5-Drawer Perishable Tool Organizer with Contents of HSS and Carbide End Mills up to 1/2", Taps and Center Hole Drills. 14 3/4"x8"x8"
87.Highlight Industries Model SS-2431 L-Bar Sealer with Shrink Hood. 24"x31" Sealing Area, 2"x2"x1/32" Minimum Package Size, 30"X23"x9.75" Max Package Size, 30" Max Film Width, 50-75 Ideal Film Gauge, Rolling Stand, 220 Volt 3-Phase, s/n: C110-603-14721. Approx 72"x45"x62" (Hood Up)
88.(2) Cat 40 Tool Holders with Keyless Chucks: (1) Albrecht, 1/32" to 1/2" Capacity; (1) Unknown Brand, 3/8" Capacity
89.(2) Command Model C4C4-0020 Collet Style Cat 40 Tool Holders with Approx (30) Assorted ER20 Collets and Wrench
90.Adept Robotic Work Cell. Approx 36"x24"x12" Work Envelope, 56"x49 1/2"x2" Drilled & Tapped Aluminum Mounting Plate, Enclosure, 3-Phase Electrics. Approx 67"x67"x86"
91.(3) .0001" Rresolution Ratchet Thimble Micrometers: (1) 4-5", (1) 5-6" with Standard and Plastic Case; (1) 7-8" with Standard and Wooden Case
92.Husky Model 2000S Electric Pressure Washer. 2000psi Max Pressure, 1.6 GPM Max Water Flow, Detergent Tank, Wand with 3-Setting Tip, Brush, Single Setting Tip, s/n: 0805156510
94.Assorted Collets Including DA, ER and Rubber Flex
95.Panel Moving Cart with 47 1/4" Wide Base, 37 1/2" High Back, Approx 47 1/4"x22"x47"
98.Lifting Yoke for Tolhust 40" Spinner Basket
100.Whacheon Model 201/2Gx60 Engine Lathe. 21" Actual Swing Over Bed, 60" Between Centers, 12" Swing Over Cross Slide, 2 1/8" Hole Thru Spindle, (12) Spindle Speeds: 28 to 1350 RPM, Standard Threading, 15" 4-Jaw Chuck, Tailstock, Coolant, Foot Brake, 10HP 220/440 Volt 3-Phase Motor and Controls, s/n: 790303. Approx 116"x48"x57" and 6000lbs
101.(3) Cat 50 Tool Holders: (1) Shell Mill Type; (1) Command No. C6P2-0002 Tapping Head; (1) Unknonwn Brand Tapping Head
102.(4) End Mill Style Cat 50 Tool Holders up to 1" Capacity: (3) Command and (1) Universal
103.(3) Command Cat 50 Tool Holders: (1) No. C6T4-0002 Tapping Type; (1) No C6S4-1500 Shell Mill Stype with 4 1/4" Insert Type Shell Mill; (1) Quick Change Collet Tapping Head
104.48"x52"x8" Granite Surface Plate with Assorted Smooth and Threaded Holes, Metal Stand, 37 3/4" Surface Height
105.Videojet Model EXCEL 2000 Ink Jet Marking Machine with Cables, Hoses and Rolling Stand, s/n: 043061011WD. Approx 34"x34"x64"
106.Rolling Metal Frame with Fixture. 53"x32"x80"
107.(2) Control Cabinets with Assorted Components. 40"x12"x39 1/2" Each
108.(3) Command Cat 50 Tool Holders: (1) Model C6G5-1000; (1) Model C6S5-1000 Shell Mill Type; (1) Model C6T4-0002 Tapping Head
109.(3) Screw-On Type Lathe Dog Plates: (1) 9 1/2", (1) 9 3/4" and (1) 10"
110.Mazak Model Quick Turn 8 Turning Center. Combination Type, 2-Axis Machine, 11.81" Swing, 6.30" Cutting Diameter, 1.57" Bar Capacity, 3.75" X-Axis Travel, 11.42" Z-Axis Travel, Variable Spindle Speeds: 60 to 6,000 RPM, A2-5 Spindle Nose, 1.96" Spindle Bore, 6-Position Turret, Collet Nose, Coolant, Chip Conveyor, 10HP 230/460 Volt 3-Phase Spindle Motor, Mazatrol CaAM T-2 CNC Control, s/n: 67836. Approx 120"x48"x73" and 6000lbs
111.Rolling Gantry Crane. Approx 1500lb Capacity, 93 3/4" Under Beam, 116" Between Legs, 76" Max Under Hook, Central Machinery 1300lb Capacity Cable Hoist with Pendant Control, 110 Volt, Approx 131"x91"x101"
112.(5) Assorted Cat 50 Tool Holders: (1) 1 1/4" End Mill Style; (2) 1" Capacity End Mill Style; (1) 1 1/8" End Mill Style and (1) Command Model C6E4-1250 End Mill Style
113.(6) Assorted Cat 50 Tool Holders: (1) Command Model C6C4-002 Collet Type; (1) Command Model C6H4-1420 Boring Head Holder; (1) Command Model C6S4-1500A Shell Mill Type; (1) Universal Shell Mill Type; (1) Lovejoy Insert Mill; (1) Name Unknown
114.Tapping Type Cat 50 Tool holder with (9) Assorted Command and Blitzs Quick Change Tapping Collets.
115.(4) AME Coolant Thru Extra Length Spade Drills: (2) No. 040927, 1" Diameter, 11" Flutes and (2) No. 040927-2, .875" Diameter, 12 1/2" Flutes; (8) Drill Bushings
116.Assorted Video Jet Ink
117.(4) Siemens 4.6KW 460 Volt 3-Phase Motors witn Timing Belt Style Pullies
118.Arctic Refrigeration Model LCHDS-100 Refrigeration Unit. Includes Coppus Articulated Arm, Cart Mounted, 1HP 230 Volt 3-Phase, s/n: D3600120890192. Approx 28"x62"x67"
119.(4) Dampers up to 20" Diameter
120.Chevalier Model FSG-618M Horizontal Spindle Surface Grinder. Hand Feed Machine, 6"x18" Rated Capacity, 7" Wheel Capacity, 12" Max Between Chuck and Spindle Center, 6"x17 3/4" Electromagnetic Chuck, 2HP 230/460 Volt 3-Phase Motor and Controls, s/n: A3858033. Approx 55"x44"x77"
121.Assorted Criterion Carbide Tipped Boring Bars. Mostly 1/2" Shank
122.(8) Mostly Command End Mill Style Cat 50 Tool Holders, 5/16" to 1" Capacity
123.(8) Assorted Shell Mill Type Cat 50 Tool Holders. (6) Command, (1) Erickson, (1) Unknown
124.(8) Assorted Command and Parlec End Mill Type Cat 50 Tool Holders, 3/16" to 3/4" Capacity
125.2014 Algas-SDI Model P-320-Z2B Liquid Propane Vaporizer. 1,350lb/Hr Capacity, 194-203F Operating Temperature, 392F High Temperature Limit, 250 PSSIG MAWP Pressure Vessel, 480 Volt 3-Phase, s/n: 3140005458. Approx 36 1/2"x35"x73"
126.(7) Mostly Command Emd Mill Style Cat 50 Tool Holders, 7/16" to 1 1/4" Capacity
127.Riten Live Center with No. 4 MT Shank and Approx 2.360"x7 1/4" Long Adapter
128.(4) Assorted Insert Type Shell Mills: (2) Ingersoll Approx 3" Diameter; (2) Carboloy Approx 2 7/8" Diameter
129.Graymills Model 800A Parts Washer. 40"x28"x28" Inside, 1/3HP 115 Volt, s/n: IFAW1-I-8.
130.Toyota Model 7FGCSU20 Fork Lift Truck. 20,xxx Hours on Meter, 3450lb Capacity, 189" Lift, Side Shift, Cushion Tires, 4"x48" Forks, Scale, Cage, 83" Closed Height, s/n: 62811. Note: Fuel tank not included. Fuel available for loading.
131.Custom Machine with 3" Hydraulic Machine Vise, Kurt Precision Machine Slide, Kurt Pro Bore Junior Spindle, Motor, and Stand. 28"x28"x43"
132.Jet Model JOVS-10 Oscillating Spindle Sander. 24"x24" Tilting Table, Assorted Drums and Throat Plates, 1HP 115 Volt, s/n: 6045260. Approx 26"x26"x50"
133.Videojet Model EXCEL 2000 Ink Jet Marking Machine with Cables, Hoses, and Rolling Stand, s/n: 043061024WD . Approx 34"x34"x64"
134.8-Selection Can Dispensing Vending Machine. Quarters Only, Refrigeration Unit Not Working, All Other Mechanicals Working. Approx 28"x27"x56"
135.Abrasive Saw. 24" Wheel Capacity, Swivel Table for Miter Cuts, Hand Feed, Assorted Wheels, 20HP 230/460 Volt 3-Phase Motor and Controls, s/n: na. Approx 48"x60"x72" and 1800lbs
136.(3) Tubs of Assorted Electrcal Enclosures and Switches. Tubs not included
137.Telescoping Lifting Boom for Forklift. 62" to Approx 86" Length, 4 1/2"x2 1/2" Fork Pocket
138.Assorted Tooling: (4) Tool Holder Bushings; Morse Taper Adapter; HSS Drills; No. 3 MT ShankCounterbores up to 1 1/4" and More
139.(5) Assortted AME Coolant Thru Spade Drills
140.Zeks Model 260HSGA400 Regrigerated Compressed Air Dryer. 260SCFM Capacity, Cycling Type, s/n: 232355. Approx 32"x31"x58"
141.2) Carboloy Carbide Shank Insert Type Boring Bars: (1) No. C1-STJPL-10, 5/8" Diameter, 10" Long; (1) 1/2" Shank, 8" Long
142.(8) Assorted Collet Style Cat 50 Tool Holders; (3) TG100, (1) Command C6C4-0032 Er Type; (1) C6C4-1000 and More
143.Pneumatic Box Tipper. 43"x43" Platform, Approx 64"x64"x50"
144.(2) Collapsable Wire Crates: (1) 35 1/2"x28"x28" and (1) 48"x30"x20"
145.Partial Spool of Armored Cable
146.Metal Frame Cart with Plywood Top, 38"x58"x10 1/2"
147.Rolling Triangular Steel Frame. 57" On a Side, with (3) 6' Steel Posts. Assembles Into Pyramidal Shape
148.Metal Cart. 33"x16"x31 1/2"
149.(5) 2-Position Drum Stacking Racks
150.Maren Model Balemaster Horizontal Hydraulic Baler. Approx 30"x36"x70" Bale Size, Push Button Control, 15HP 3-Phase Motor, s/n: na. Approx 202"x48"x77" and 7500lbs
151.Rolling Steel Frame. 28"x51 1/2"x38 1/4"
152.(5) Ingersoll BD 5.45 x 45R1 HSS ZAP Insert Cutters, New In Box.
153.(4) 1" Reamers, HSS, Coolant Through, 10.5" Length.
154.Assorted Carbide Cutting Inserts, Approx. (160), Mostly FutureTech and Sandvik.
155.Videojet Model EXCEL 2000 Ink Jet Marking Machine with Cables, Hoses, Flammable Storage Cabinet, and Rolling Stand, s/n: 043081012WD . Approx 34"x34"x64"
156.(4) Custom Multi Insert Cutters, 3" Dram, 3/4" Shaft, 5" Overall Length.
157.Assorted HSS Drill Bits, New and Used, Up to 3/4", Approx. (120)
158.(29) Approx. Pairs of FutureTech PCD Tipped Carbide Inserts, Includes: TIC PMW 43R 098 D02, TIS PEW-43-XD01 LH.
159.(5) 1" Reamers, HSS, Coolant Through, Approx 10" in Length.
160.Robo-Systems Model RH204B Robotic Load/Unload System. 3-Axis, .79" to 5.91" OD of Work Capacaity, 3.54" Max Length of Work, 5.5lb Max Work Weight, (10) Pallets, 2-Jaw Chuck, Safety Enclosure, 220 Volt 3-Phase. Seller Notes: Cycle Begun with Coolant M-Code. No Direct Connection to Machine Control. Very little use.
162.Black & Decker Cat No. 752 Type AA Core Drill. 2-Speed, With Omark Diamond Model OD-700 Stand, 110 Volt
163.(8) Renishaw 4M Conduit Kits
164.(3) 2-Drawer File Cabinets. 21 1/4" From Bottom of Drawer to Hanging Rail, 15"x28 1/2"x52" Each
165.Budgit Rolling Gantry Frame. 2-Ton Capacity, 117 1/2" Under Beam, 120 Between Legs, s/n: 903151
166.Elemental 10" Diameter Burner with Stand
167.Guyson Model C400W Dust Collector. Filter Type, 3/4HP 208-230/460 Volt Motor, s/n: D1079. Approx 24"x24"x56"
168.Yale Model PA1M10L25TMP Electric Cable Hoist. 1-Ton Capacity, Trolley System, Extended Power Cord, Pendant Control, 460 Volt 3-Phase
169.Crown Model 20MT Straddle Stacker. 2000lb Capacity, 110" Lift, 46 1/2" Between Outriggers, 3"x36" Forks, 80 1/2" Closed Height, 24V System, 1500lbs, s/n: 1A338086.
170.Marvel No. 8 Vertical Band Saw. 18"x22" Capacity, 3/4" Blade Width, Adjustable Feed, (3) Blade Speeds, 3-Phase Motor and Controls, s/n: na. Approx 42"x76"x83" and 2000lbs
171.Culligan Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System. 43,848 Hours on Meter, Pre-Filter, (4) Code Line Pressure Vessels, 10HP 220/230/460 Volt 3-Phase Pump, Replacement Pump, Approx 184"x32"x83"
172.(2) Carts: (1) 24"x48" Flatbed with Handle; (1) 20"x30" Furniture Dollie
173.Beck Slitter/Rewinder. 48" Capacity, 3-Phase Motor and Controls, s/n: 2700. Approx 112"x90"x77"
174.Rex Power Magnetic Cat No. BC40H1X/50 3-Phase Transformer. 40KVA, 460 Volt Primary, 208Y/115 Volt Secondary, 390lbs, 21"x21"x26"
175.LNS Hydrobar Hydraulic Bar Feeder. (6) Tubes of Different Sizes From Approx 1/4" to 1 1/4", 16' Bar Capacity, Hydraulic Unit and Stands, 212" Overall Tube Length
176.Pair of Brown & Sharpe Ultra Precision 1-2-3- Blocks with Bolts and Plastic Case
177.Videojet Model EXCEL 2000 Ink Jet Marking Machine with Cables, Hoses, Flammable Storage Cabinet, and Rolling Stand, s/n: 050551010WD . Approx 34"x34"x64"
178.Assorted Kennametal Carbide Inserts
179.E-Z Skim Model 10 Band Type Oil Skimmer. 1" Band Width, 16" Minimum Tank Depth, 110 Volt
180.Ineco Model QB-76-VDE Rotary Draw Bender. 3" Max Material OD with .125" Wall, 15 3/4" Max Bend Radius, Variable Bending Speed, Remote Foot Switch, Electric Die Closure, s/n: 703021-94. Approx 26"x38"x44" Seller Notes: Machine rotates but does not stop. Bad rotary encoder suspected.
181.Lawson Products 5-Drawer Number Drill Indes. 1-60, 14 3/4"x8"x8"
182.Assorted Chemicals: Pro Seal High Velocity Duct Sealant, Flourscent Gas Leak Detector and Motr
183.Assorted HSS Roughing End Mills
184.Standard Electrical Model 102 Double End Bench Grinder with Pedestal. 10" Wheel Capacity, 1750RPM, 1HP 440 Volt 3-Phase, Approx 26"x20"x44"
185.WA Banfield Foot Shear. 24" X Approx 18-Ga Capacity in Mild Steel, s/n: na. Approx 41"x25"x46"
186.5-Tier Metal Frame Shelf with Wooden Decking. 15" to 16" Between Shelves, 95 5/8"x21 1/2"x76 1/4"
187.Assorted Carbide End mills from 3/16" to 3/8"
188.Etalon No. 531B Bore Micrometer. .235" to .275" Measuring Range, Friction Thimble, Plastic Case
189.Saver Systems Circular Knife Grinding Machine. 21" Max Knife Diameter, 3 1/2" Cup Wheel, Assorted Tooling, Cart Mounted, 120 Volt, Approx 39"x26"x62"
190.Red Ring Model GHH Gear Honer, 12" Maximum Pitch Diameter of Work Piece, 14.75" Maximum Diameter of Work Piece, 2" to 20 D.P. Pitch Range, 26-15/16" Maximum Between Centers, 5.5" Maximum Table Stroke, Honing Speed Range: 120 to 324 RPM, Three Phase Motor and Controls, s/n GHH-559, Approx: 4,700 Lbs
191.Assorted Carbide Inserts
192.(10) Assorted Carbide End Mills from 1/2" to 7/8" Diameter Including (2) 1/2"x6"
193.NSK Depth Micrometer. 0-6" Measuring Range with Included Rods, Ratchet Thimble, Wooden Case
194.Starrett No. 711-T1 "Last Word" Dial Test Indicator, .0001"
195.(3) Scherr Tumico Ratchet Thimble Micrometers: (1) 3/4" , (1) 4-5" and (1) 5-6"
196.Set of (4) Brown & Sharpe No. 281 Bore Micrometers. .800" to 1.600" Measuring Range, with (2) Ring Gages, Wrenches and Wooden Case
197.Assorted Carbide End Mills from 3/4" to 1"
198.Set of Angle Blocks Including 1 to 5 Degree, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 Degree, Wooden Case
199.Videojet Model EXCEL 2000 Ink Jet Marking Machine with Cables, Hoses, and Rolling Stand, s/n: 050591015WD . Approx 34"x34"x64"
200.Kasuga Model FX-800 Vertical Milling Machine. 10 1/2"x47" T-Slotted Table, 20" Longitudinal Table Travel, 12" Cross Table Travel, 5" Quill Travel, 24" Vertical Knee Adjustment, (10) Belted Speeds: 75 to 3000 RPM, 40-Taper Spindle, Power Feeds, Acu-Rite II 2-Axis DRO, One-Shot Lube, 5HP 220/440 Volt 3-Phase Motor and Controls, s/n: 3696. Approx 62"x76"x88" and 3200lbs
201.(5) HSS Drill Indices. Mostly Craftsman 1/16" to 1/2" (1) Tool Shop, 5/32" to 5/16"
202.(5) HSS Drill Indieces: (1) Partial Set of Numbers 1-60; (20 Sets o Stub Bits, 1/16" to 1/2"; (1) Standard Partial Set and (1) 3-Sided Number Set 1-60
203.(12) Assorted Calipers and Rulers: (4) Miller Falls Co; (1) Helios 6" Vernier; Assorted Steel Rules and Feeler Gages
204.Approx (50) Assorted HSS Counterbores, 1/4" to .785", up to 1/2" Diaemter Shanks
205.(5) Assorted Squares: (1) 12" Combination with 16" and 12" Rules; (1) 6" Square, (2) 5" Sqares and (1) 10"x6" Carpenter Square
206.6-Tier Metal Frame Shelf with Wooden Decking. 9 1/2" to 15" Between Shelves, 108 5/8"x19"x84 1/2"
207.(3) 10"x19" Tanks. Believed to be from Charmilles Wire EDM
208.Pallet of Misc Blowers and Pumps
209.(2) New, 4-Drum Containment Pallets
210.Kalamazoo Horizontal Belt Grinder. 14" Max Belt Width, 20HP 208-230/460 Volt 3-Phase Motor and Controls, s/n: S14HD998001. Approx 65"x36"x38" and 1100lbs
211.Graymills Parts Washer. 38"x28"x28" Inside, 110 Volt
212.(11) E-Track Brackets. 2" Beam Capacity
213.Dayton 3/4HP 3450RPM Frame 56J 208-220/440 Volt 3-Phase Motor with Pump
214.Assorted Items: Vise Jaws, Wire Wheels and More
218.(3) Drill Indices: (1) Numbers 1-60, (1) Letter and (1) Fractional, 1/16" to 1/2" with Bits
219.(3) Drill Indices: (1) Numbers 1-60, (1) Letter and (1) Fractional, 1/16" to 1/2" with Bits
220.Sodick Model "Mold Maker 3", Electrical Discharge Machine, Sinker Type, 40-Amp Machine, 23.6" x 11.8" T-Slotted Table, 12" X-Travel, 8" Y-Travel, 10" Z-Travel, 35.4" x 20" x 12.5" Inside Tank Dimensions, 43-Gallon Tank Capacity, 1,210Lb Maximum Workpiece Weight, 110 Lb Maximum Electrode Weight, 21.65" Maximum Distance Table to Electrode Mounting Surface, Mark TX CNC Controls, Dialectric Filtration System, s/n: T-8161. Approx 60"x52"x86" (Machine) 24"x72"x80" (Control) 28"x60"x40" (Dielectric Tank & Filtration) Note: Will not energize electrode. Believed to be bad relay
221.Arrow Model A-250-4S70S Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer. 250SCFM Capacity, 460 Volt 3-Phase, s/n: TL322. Approx 39"x30"x45"
222.Approx (47) Assorted HSS Boring Bars, Mostly 3/8" Shanks, (4) With 1/2" Shanks, up t 4 3/8" Long
223.(2) Floor Fans: (1) Dayton Model 4C509, 3-Speed, 16"; (1) Stanley, 3-Speed, (2) 10A Outlets, 6 3/4" Blower Width
225.LG Multi V Cooling System Consisting of: Outdoor Air Source Heat Pup Part No. ARUB096DT3, 3-Pipe Heat Recovery Style, 8-Ton Nominal Capacity, 460 Volt 3-Phase, 49"x31"x85"; Part No. ARNU243NJA2 Indoor Air Handler. 2-Ton Nominal Capacity, 208-230 Volt 1-PHase, 18"x22"x45"; Control Panels and Remote
227.HSS Taps, Approx. (50) Acme Thread, Size: .470-10
228.(5) Southwick & Meister Collets, Includes (4) BS32C Steel Collets, (1) BS32CC Carbide Collet. Size: 1.009"
229.FutureTech Diamond PCB Tipped Carbide Inserts, Approx (32), Including: TITPMW-252-2D01, TITPMV-215-1D02.
230.Cincinnati Model 2MK Plain Horizontal Milling Machine. 13 3/4"x59 1/2" T-Slotted Table, 28" Longitudinal Table Travel, 13" Cross Table Travel, 19" Vertical Knee Adjustment, (16) Spindle Speeds: 25 to 1500 RPM, 50-Taper Spindle, Sony 2-Axis DRO, Coolant, 460 Volt 3-Phase Motor and Controls, s/n: 13J23PIAPE-20. Approx 65"x75"x67" (Machine) 43"x11"x40" (Electrical Cabinet)
231.Large Quantity of Plastic Bins. Mostly Akro Style, Includes 32"x30"x33 1/2" Plastic Crate
232.(2) Step Stools: (1) Cosco Metla Frame, 2-Step; (1) Meco Metal Frame 2-Step; (2) Bench Brushes; Tape Dispenser
233.Soleus Model GM-DEH-45-1 Dehumidifier, 115 Volt, s/n: 10027440632 and (2) Large Dust Pans
234.(3) Metal Frame Flatbed Carts with Wooden Tops: (1) 19"x30"x30 1/2" (1) 16"x32"x32" and (1) 17 3/4"x43"x27 3/4"
235.Chicago Electric 10" Compound Miter Saw. Laser Guide, Carbide Tipped Blade, Colling Wooden Table, Approx 487 1/4"x15 3/4"x30 1/4"
236.Videojet Model EXCEL 2000 Ink Jet Marking Machine with Cables, Hoses, Flammable Storage Cabinet, and Rolling Stand, s/n: 04341019WD . Approx 34"x34"x64"
238.(6) Assorted Electric Motors. 3HP to 7.5HP 3-Phase
239.Assorted HSS Perishable Tooling Including End Mills up to 2"
240.Brown & Sharpe No. 1 Wire Feed Single Spindle Screw Machine. (10) Forward Spindle Speeds: 175 to 730 RPM, (1) Reverse Spindle Speeds: 880 to 3620 RPM, 6-Position Turret, Production Cross Slide, 3-Phase Motor and Controls. Approx 65"x36"x52" and 1700lbs
241.Pallet of Misc Items: Bolts, Fittings, Wire, Drain Snake, Refrigerant Recovery Unit and More
242.5-Tier Metal Frame Shelf with Wooden Decking. 12 1/2" to 14" Between Shelves, 96"x24"x72"
243.Assorted 2'x4' Ceiling Tile
244.Approx (44) 36"x6"x36" Cardboard Boxes
245.(5) Shell Mill Type Cat 50 Tool Holders: (1) Collis; (2) Command; (1) Carboloy and (1) Lyndex
246.(2) Command Model C6S6-1500 Shell Mill Type Cat 50 Tool Holders
247.(2) Cat 50 Tapping Style Tool Holders: (1) Universal 463647 with Blitz Quick Change Collet Holder; (1) Command
248.(2) Command Shell Mill Type Tool Holders: (1) Model C6S4-1000 and (1) C6S5-1500 with Insert Cutter
250.Smith & Miles Mechanical Shaper. 12" Stroke, (8) Speeds: 20 to 210 SPM, 10" Vise with Swivel Base, 10"x12"x12" T-Slotted Box Table, Tool Post, 3HP 208-230/460 Volt 3-Phase Motor and Controls. Approx 40"x80"x58"
252.KitchenAid Whisper Quiet Ultima Dishwasher. 25"x29"x34"
253.Assorted Conveyors: (1) Rubber Belt Type, 29 3/4" Wide Belt, 124" Run, Adjustable Frame, 110 Volt Motor; (1) Roach, 90-Degree Section, Not Independantly Powered, 20 1/2" Wide Rollers; (1) 27" Long Straight Section with 20 1/2" Rollers, Not Independantly Powered; (1) 20 1/2" Long Straight Section, 20 1/2" Wide Rollers, Not Independantly Powered
254.Heavy Duty Steel Stairway. 11' Long, 52" Wide, Grated Steps
255.Crown Model 20MT Straddle Stacker. 2000lb Capacity, 110" Lift, 46 1/2" Between Outriggers, 3"x36" Forks, 80 1/2" Closed Height, 24V System, 1500lbs, s/n: 1A185001
256.Rolling Staircase. 98" Top Tread Height, 24" Tread Width, 124" Overall Height, Includes 120"x30" Rolling Wooden Platform
257.Timesavers Model GS-1648 Media Screen. 16"x48" Screen Area, On Wheels, 16"x43" Secondary Scree Area, 120 Volt, s/n: 225489C. Approx 65"x30"x36"
258.Assorted Bearings, Fittings and (2) Hardinge Nose Guards
259.6-Tier Metal Frame Shelf with Wooden Decking. 13" to 18 3/4" Between Shelves, 108 5/8"x19"x84 1/2"
260.Deep Hole Drilling Machine. 4" Center Height, 27" From Spindle to end of Ways, Oil Tank and Pump, Eledorado Spindle, 3-Phase Motor and Controls, s/n: na. Approx 75"x36"x45" (Machine) 63"x25"x30" (Tank) 54"x18"x45" (Pump)
261.Assorted Thread Chasers, Hole Saws, Carbide End Mills and Other Cutters
262.Assorted Tooling: (11) 5C Collets, (6) Misc Collets and (1) 5/8" End Mill Style Cat 40 Tool Holder
263.Approx (23) Circuit Breakers up to 100A
264.Metal Frame Wood Topped Rolling Table, 46 3/8"x36 1/2"x24 3/4"; Mop Bucket with Wringer
265.Torit Model VS1200 Dust Collector. Filter Type, 3HP 208/230/460 Volt 3-Phase, s/n: 240391. Approx 24"x30"x63"
266.Rampart Media Screen. 24 1/2"x24 1/2" Screen Area, 7"x7" Lower Opening, No Screen, 110 Volt, Approx 34"x30"x28"
267.Twin Cat Model 651 Pumps Driven By Baldor 10HP 208-230/460 Volt 3-Phase Motors, Cart Mounted, Approx 64"x23"x24"
268.Screening Table with 21"x22" Screen Area, Dump Chute, 110 Volt
269.Moontz Torque-Safe Driver. 1/2" Drive, 125n/m Max
270.Tree Journeyman 325 CNC Vertical Milling Machine. 10"x44" T-Slotted Table, 27" X-Axis Travel, 14" Y-Axis Travel, 6" Z-Axis Travel, 15 3/4" Manual Vertical Knee Adjustment, 14.1" Throat, Variable Spindle Speeds: 50 to 6,000 RPM, Cat/BT 40 Spindle Taper, Table Guards, 3HP 230 Volt 3-Phase Motor Dynapath Delta CNC Control, s/n: 9-25-85-5801. Approx 55"x72"x77" and 2600lbs. Note: Spindle removed for service. Service not completed. Spindle included with machine.
271.(4) Metal Frame Office Chairs
272.36"x12"x60" Control Cabinet with Assorted Wire
273.GE Model E4-4400-DLX Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Unit. 3.06 GPM Permeate Rate at 70 Degrees F, Approx 34"x24"x64"
274.(5) 35"x36" Rolling Aluminum Frames
275.Miller Model CP-200 Constant Potential DC Arc Welding Power Source. 200 Amp 28 Volt Rated Output @ 100% Duty Cycle, 39 Max OCV, Miller Wire Feeder, Tweco IG Gun, Ground Clamp, Regulator, Cart Mounted, 200/230/460 Volt 3-Phase, s/n: JF949263. Approx 18"x50"x57"
276.Assorted Items: Mist Collector; (4) Pumps; (1) Small Press
277.Lawson Products 3-Drawer Fractional Drill Index. 1/16" to 1/2" by 64th, 14 3/4"x8"x8"
278.Sullair Model SR-175 Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer. 174psi Max Pressure, 140F Max Inlet Temperature, 50-122F Ambient Temp Range, s/n: 2389900003. Approx 25"x29"x32"
279.(2) Carts: (1) Metal, 30"x15"x31 1/2" and (1) Wood with Metal Top, 32"x22"x31 1/2"
280.Peck, Stow & Wilcox Model 696 Apron Brake. 36"x20-Ga Capacity in Soft Steel, s/n: 11/64. 52"x24"x46"
281.Minipak Model FM25 L-Bar Sealer with Shrink Hood. 24"x33" Seal Area, On Wheels, 230 Volt 3-Phase, s/n: 92-013. Approx 70"x40"x60" (Hood Up)
282.Assorted Carbide Ball End Mills from 1/4" to 1"
283.Scherr Tumico Ratchet Thimble Depth Micrometer. 0-6" Measuring Range, Wooden Case
284.Ingersoll Rand FAK08184R01 Insert Type Cutter With Inserts. 3/4" Shank, 3 1/2" OAL
285.Vapor Blast Model 2820 Liquid Hone Cabinet. 24"x16"x16" Inside, Foot Control, 1/2HP 208-230/460 Volt 3-Phase Motors, s/n: 5663. Approx 36"x36"x62" and 425lbs. Note: No Gloves
286.Videojet Model EXCEL 2000 Ink Jet Marking Machine with Cables, Hoses, Flammable Storage Cabinet, and Rolling Stand, s/n: 043341019WD . Approx 34"x34"x64"
287.Rolling Frame/Chassis Welding Rotisseri
288.Set of (3) Brown & Sharpe No. 281 Bore Micrometers. .275" to .500" Measuring Range, (2) Ring Gages, Extension, Wooden Case
289.Assorted HSS End Mills up to 3/4" Some Tapered
290.Katukura Model 7L-T 2nd Operation Lathe. 9 1/2" Swing Over Bed, 7 1/4" Max Between Spindle Nose and Turret Face, Baldor Variable Frequency Drive, Lever Typ Collet Closer, 4C Spindle Nose, 6-Position Turret with 5/8" Holes, Assorted Collets, 230 Volt 3-Phase, s/n: 1109. Approx 37"x28"x62"
291.Control Pedestal with Assorted Switches. 30"x12"x36"
292.(2) Oriental Motor Electric Motors: (1) 51K90GS-A2FUL; (1) 41K40A-BA, 3000 RPM, 115 Volt
293.(5) Cat 40 Tool Holders with Adjustable Boring Heads and (2) Additional Boring Heads
294.Assorted Inspection Items: (1) Set Brown & Sharpe Telescoping Gages, 1/2" to 2 1/8" Measuring Range; (1) VIS 0-1" .0001" Micrometer wth Friction Thimble; (1) Unknown Brand 2-3" .0001" Micrometer with Ratchet Thimble
295.Starrett No. 81-231 .0005" Dial Indicator. .125" Range
296.(2) Collet Style Cat 40 Tool Holders with (26) Assorted TG100 Collets: (1) Command Model C4C4-1000 with Insert Type Adjustable Boring Head; (1) Lyndex
297.(5) Section of Heavy Duty Wildeck Steel Steps. 10' Long, 3' Wide
298.Assorted Reamers and Drills
299.Assorted Carbide End Mills from 1/2" to 3/4" Some Coated
300.Bridgeport Model 1J Vertical Milling Machine. 9"x42" T-Slotted Table, 24" Longitudinal Table Travel, 12" Cross Table Travel, 5" Quill Travel, 13" Vertical Knee Adjustment, (8) Spindle Speeds: 80 to 2720 RPM, Acu-Rite II 2-Axis DRO, Power Longitudinal Feed, Bijur One-Shot Lube, 1HP 220/440 Volt 3-Phase Motor and Controls, s/n: 108108. Appro x70"x60"x76" and 2200lbs
304.Assorted Light Bulbs, Plumbing Components and Other Maintainence Items
305.(2) Elkay Wall Mount Drinking Fountains
306.48"x30"x49 1/2" Rolling Metal Frame
307.Delco Vacuum pump with Hoses, (1) 15" "Glass Cup and (1) 11 1/2" Glass Cup. 1/2HP 230/460 Volt 3-Phase
308.3-Drawer Storage Cabinet. 26"x30 3/4"x36 1/2"
310.Quincy Model 235 Air Compressor. Rotary Screw Type, Approx 200CFM Output, Dominick Hunter Filters, 80,758 Hours on Meter, 50HP 230/460 Volt 3-Phase Motor, s/n: 38605 S102ANA2JF. Approx 51"x90"x60" and 2500lbs
313.Threading Attachment for Hardinge Chucker with Assorted Lead Screws and Followers; Steady Rest
314.Assorted Items: Fans, Lights & More
315.(2) 1/4HP 1725RPM 115/230 Volt Motors
316.Crown Model 20MT Straddle Stacker. 2000lb Capacity, 110" Lift, 46 1/2" Between Outriggers, 3"x36" Forks, 80 1/2" Closed Height, 24V System, 1500lbs, s/n: 1A337912
320.Shiang Young Plastic Granulator. 14 1/2"x10 1/2" Opening, On Wheels, 10HP 460 Volt 3-Phase, s/n: 0413. Approx 32"x53"x56"
330.Racine Powered Hack Saw. 6"x6" Capacity, 6" Stroke, Coolant, 3-Phase Motor and Controls. Approx 51"x40"x38" and 800lbs
334.LAS Model SHN-6 Electrostatic Air Cleaner. 460 Volt 3-Phase, s/n: 60057393. 60"x22"x30"
335.2-Door Metal Cabinet with (4) Adjustable Shelves. 36"x24"x78"
342.RL Faubion Vertical Receiver Tank. Approx 120-Gallon Capacity, 31"x22"x82"
343.Rolling Staircase. 70" Top Tread Height, 24" Tread Width, 107" Overall Height
344.(4) 1-Gallon Cans of Hysol Molding Material
345.Assorted Plumbing Supples Including Nipples, Toilet Seats, Fittings and More
346.Assorted Fasteners Including Bolts, Washers, Nuts and More
353.Approx (60) 14"x26"x5 1/2" Wooden Crates
354.Assorted Electrical Items: Wire Nuts, Breakers, Conduit Hardware, Plugs, Fuses and More
355.Greenheck Model BSQ-160HP-30-X Centrifugal In-Line Fan. s/n: 12343367. Approx 64"x27"x41" (Not including hanger rods)
356.Chester Hoist Electric Chain Hoist. 1-Ton Capacity, Motorized Trolly, No Control, 460 Volt 3-Phase, Approx 41"x34"x16"
357.HD Metal Table. 15"x96" Top Area, 3/4" Thick Top, 27" Wide at Base, 850lbs
358.Assorted Cantilever Style Racking: (1) Section Single Sided, 39 1/2"x22"x78" with (8) 12" Deep Shelves; (1) Double Sided Section, 38"x42 1/2"x78" with (7) Setso of 12" Arms per Side; Assorted Shelves and Arms
359.Metal Frame Wood Topped Bench with Lower Shelf. 60"x30"x33 1/4"
361.Hytrol Powered Rubber Belt Conveyor. 19 3/4" Wide Belt, 8' Run, Adjustable Frame, Roller Base, Foot Switch, 460 Volt 3-Phase, Approx 98"x44"x38"
363.Italdibipack L-Bar Sealer. 16"x48" Seal Area, On Wheels, 380 Volt 3-Phase, s/n: 1261-99. approx 100"x31"x58" (Hood Open)
367.(4) Assorted Indicators: (1) Sherr Tumico, 1" Travel, with Wooden Case, Missing Crystal; (1) Interapid Dial Test Type, .0005" Needs Repair; (1) Starrett No. 25-144, .100" Range, .001" Resolution; (1) Grizzly, 1" Range, .001" Resolution
368.(3) Fedral dial Indicators: (1) B7I, .0005" 1/8" Travel; (1) A3Q, .0005", 1/16" Travel; (1) F81, .001" 3/16" Travel, Rear Plunger Type
369.Enco Model 235-6085 5C Collet Fixture with (5) 5C Collets. Vertical/Horizontal Mount, Removable Handle
371.(2) Tap Handles and Assorted New & Used Taps from 6-32 to 9/16-12
372.Assorted 3/4" and 1" Shank Insert Type Cutters
374.LAS Model SHN-6 Electrostatic Air Cleaner. 460 Volt 3-Phase, s/n: 60057394. 60"x22"x30"
381.Assorted 6" Parallels. 3/4" to 1 3/4" Wide, 1/8" to 1/2" Thick
382.Assorted HSS End Mills up to 1"
383.Assorted HSS End Mills from 1/8" to 2"
384.Aloris Model CA Tool Post
385.Larin 5" Bench Vise with Swivel Base and Rotating Head
386.Fadal TBL-0005 43 1/2"x20" T-Slotted Machine Table from VMC 15. Ball Screws Available. See lot 429
387.36" Diameter fan, 3-Phase Motor, On Wheels
388.Bernard Model 3500SS Welder Chiller. 3-Gallon Capacity, 115 Volt, 14"x21"x17"
392.1/2" Hold Down Set with Metal Rack
393.(2) Lyndex Tapping Style Cat 40 Tool holders with Assorted Tap Collets
394.(2) Jacobs Taper Style Cat 40 Tool Holders, Each with Jacobs Model 14N Ball Bearing Super Chuck, 0-1/2" Capacity
397.Approx. (31) Flat Files, 1/4"-3/4" Widths, Up To 10" Length.
398.(5) Cat 40 Collet Style Tool Holders, Includes: (3) Sandvik 40MM-VF4-C32, (1) Parlec C40-18DC5, (1) Unknown Model.
399.(9) Approx. 1-1/4" Wire Tube Brushes, 5" OAL.
409.(3) Syic ER20 Collet Style Cat 40 Tool Holders and (1) Command Model C4E3-1000 End Mill Style Tool Holder with Command Model DRCE-0020 ER20 Collet Extension
411.Assorted Cat 40 Tool Holders: (1) Command Model C4H4-2418 Boring Head Type; (1) Command Model C4H4-1420 with Adjustable Boring Head; (1) Command Model C4E3-1000 End Mill Type with Stub Arbor; (1) Valenite Shell Mill Type; (1) Shell Mill Type with Cutter; (11) Retention Knobs
412.Assorted Indicator Holding Hardware
413.Misc Lot of Machinist's Items: Fowler 0-4" Depth Micrometer; Steel Stamps; Angle and Radius Cutters; Dividing Head Plates and More
422.Minipak Model FM25 L-Bar Sealer with Shrink Hood. 24"x33" Seal Area, On Wheels, 230 Volt 3-Phase, s/n: 93-856. Approx 70"x40"x60" (Hood Up)
427.(2) 24 1/2"x39"x32" Metal Carts
428.2-Door Metal Cabinet with (4) Adjustable Shelves and Key. 36"x24"x78"
429.XY Ball Screws from Fadal VMC15. BLS-0000 & BLS-0004
431.36" Diameter Fan, 3-Phase Motor, On Wheels, 44"x24"x50"
432.Adjustable Height Rolling Metal Bench with Rear Rack. 46"x31 1/2"x78 1/2"
436.Justrite 20-Gallon Capacity 2-Door Flammable Storage Cabine twith Stand, 43"x12"x68"; Eagle 14-Gallon Oily Waste Can
437.Metal Frame Rooling Bench with Back Board, 48"x31"x76"
438.Adjustable Height Rolling Metal Bench, 48"x30"x30 1/2"
439.(5) 36" Wide Anti-Fatigue Mats: (2) Rubber and (3) Foam
441.Man Basket for Forklift. 46"x40" Inside Rails, 42 1/4" Rail Height, 17" Door Width
446.HFA Paddle Belt Conveyor. 4" Wide Belt, 65" Run, 7" Between Paddles, 1 1/2" Paddle Height, Adjustable Height, On Wheels, 110 Volt, Approx 24"x77"x38"
447.(6) 9 3/4"x120" Aluminum Pieces with Bent Edge; 127"x5 1/2"x7 1/2" Conveyor Chassis
448.Hundreds of 42" Piano Hinges
449.(2) Lithonia 4'x2' Flourescent Lights
457.(2) Convex Safety Mirrors
458.Grizzly Model H2936 Vacuum Sanding Table. 25"x36" Area, 110 Volt, Approx 42"x28"x40"
459.Econo Line Model Ra-36-1 Blast Cabinet. Approx 34"x22"x12" Inside, Gloves, Gun, Lazy Susan, Dust Collector and More, s/n: E-81-1623. Approx 36"x24"x65"
461.48"x29 3/4"x36 1/2" Metal Bench
462.Royal McBee 20-Drawer Cabinet. 18 1/4"x24 1/2"x52"
463.36" Diameter Shop Fand with 3-Phase Motor. Approx 47"x44"x50"
464.Rolling Metal Benchw ith Rack for Light, Adjustable Height. 48 1/4"x30"x78 1/2"
465.Custom Made with 15" Diaemter Pneumatically Driven Rotary Table, Drill Press Style Head with Hypneumat Drilling Unit, Pneumatic Snipper, Controls, On Wheels, DC Spindle Motor, AC Supply, Approx 30"x48"x67"
466.Mold-Masters Temperature Control Unit. 230 Volt 3-Phase, Approx 21"x21"x28"
467.36"x15"x74 1/2" Metal Shelf; (3) Pigeon Hole Cabinet with (56) Total Compartments, 35 1/4"x12"x47 1/2" As Is.
468.48 1/2"x30"x36" Rolling Metal Table
469.Adjustable Height Rolling Metal Table With Light Rack and Fixture. 60"x33"x79 1/2"
471.Adjustable Height Metal Bench. 48 1/4"x30"x33 3/4"
472.Hydraulic Power Unit with Air Hydraulic Systems Pump, Cooling Unit, Reservoir, On Wheels, 7 1/2HP 208-230/460 Volt 3-Phase Motor, Approx 35"x24"x51"
473.480V Control Cabinet, Cart Mounted, 18"x24"x41"
474.Hotsy Hot Water Pressure Washer. Stationary Type, Hawk 2900psi 5.3gpm Pump, Natural Gas Fired, 15HP 208/230/460 Volt 3-Phase Motor, Approx 60"X36"x57"
476.(3) Motor Drives: (2) Model CIMR-G5U47P5 and (1) CIMR-G3U47P5
477.Pennisular Hydraulic Cylinder with Hoses and Stand. 3000psi max Pressure, 7" Bore, 24" Stroke, Quick Disconnect Hose Ends, s/n: 237943. Approx 25"x15"x62"
478.SMC Hydraulic Cylinder. 1" Diameter Ram, Approx 24" Stroke, 1000psi Max Pressure
479.(3) Gould Type 11-10-10-57 SCR Servo Controllers, 120/240 Volt, s/n: 66473, 66480, 66494
481.Kurt Model D60 6" Precision Machine Vise
482.Assorted Metal Conduit Connectors
483.8" Quick Acting Drill Press Vise. Needs Service
484.48"x24"x9" Cast Iron Surface Plate. Approx 650lbs
485.Cantilever Style Rack with (3) Set of 12" Arms. Approx 37"x22"x48 1/2"
486.(7) Brunner Pressure Tanks. Approx 10-Gallon Capacity, 10" Diameter, 36" Tall
487.(5) Assorted Air Compressor Silencers up to 61" Overall Length
488.Electrical Device with Transformer. 17"x16"x35"
489.Magnaflux Magnetic Testing Bench. Approx 30"x26"x77"
491.(3) Metal Shelf Units: (1) 36"x12"x87" with (1) Shelf; (1) 38"x10"x84" with (6) Shelves; (1) 36"x12"x85 1/2" with (5) Shelves
492.Rubber Belt Conveyor. 20" Wide Belt, 70" Run, Adjustable Height Legs, No Motor, Approx 35"x72"x44"
493.Crizaf Model L-4x30' Paddle Belt Powered Conveyor. 4 11/16" Wide Belt, 20' Overal Length, 24" Betwee 3/4" Tall Paddles, 110 Volt Motor, No Stand, Cart Not Included. Note: Belt not installed.
494.12"x8 1/2"x14" Control Box
495.Coutant Model HSD24-4.8 Linear Power Supply. 100/120/240 Volt In, 24 Volt Out
501.Man Basket for Forklift. 46"x60" Inside Rails, 37" and 60" Barrier Height, On Wheels
502.Hundreds of 6"x30" Galvanized Shelf Panels. Tub not included
503.Sky Hook 500lb Capacity Manual Crane Mounted on Metal Cart with Outriggers. 41"x32"x72"
504.Aluminum Dock Plate. 53" Between Curbs, 36" Long
505.Metal Flat Bed Cart with Handle. 60"x30"x38"
506.Assorted Items: Greenheck Blower; Air Cleaner, Wire, Flex Conuit and More
507.Erecta Shelf Wire Cart. 48"x24"x39 1/2"
508.(2) US Electric Frame 182T 3-Phase 3HP Electric Motors. 1765RPM, 208-230/460 Volt
509.Assorted Brass Valves and Fittings
511.Metal Case for Tool Post Grinder with Assorted Pullies and Belts. 16"x10 1/4"x10"
512.Assorted Camera Bags
513.(2) Grundfos Pumps Each with Baldor 1 1/2HP 208-230/460 Volt 3-Phase Motor
514.(2) Light Duty Metal Shelves. 30 1/2"x11 1/2"x61"
515.(2) 22"x29"x4" Granite Surface Plates. (1) Tru-Stone Grade B
516.(2) Desks: (1) with (2) Drawers, 45"x30"x31" and (1) with (1) Drawer, 36"x24"x30 1/2"
517.(2) Dayton 12 1/2" Blowers with 2HP 208-22/440 Volt 3-Phase Motors
518.Assorted Metal Safety Cans
519.Assorted Insulated Wire up to 1/0 AWG, Approx 374lbs Gross
521.Assorted Items: Hoffman Enclosures, Water Heater and More
522.Dozens of Plastic Literature Racks
523.(4) Budgit Bridge Crante Trucks Approx 50" Overall Length. Unknown Capacity
524.(6) 1" Diameter Anchor Hooks
525.Assorted Items: 42 1/2"x30 3/4"x59" Metal Cart with (5) Tiers and Contents of Hose, Fire Blanket and More; (1) 36"x24"x31 1/2' Cart, (2) Oily Waste Cans. Note: Second cart needs wheels reattached
526.Assorted Aluminum and Copper Wire. Approx 665lbs Gross, Crate & Pallet not incuded
527.Rolling Staircase. 37" Top Platform Height, 19" Wide Treads, 67" High
528.(2) 22"x29"x4" Tru-Stone Grade B Granite Surface Plates
529.4000 Watt Gasoline Powered Generator. 115/230 Volt Output, Approx 29"x24"x20" Note: Missing Air Cleaner and Plug Wire.
531.Assorted Perforated Baskets
532.42"x42" Cast Iron Surface Plate with Stand. 22 1/4" High
533.6-Tier Metal Shelf. 36"x24"x84 1/2"
534.6-Tier Metal Shelf. 48"x24 1/4"x84 1/4"
535.2-Door Metal Cabinet with (2) Adjustable Shelves. 36"x19"x39"
536.Drum Tipper; New Light Fixture
537.Assorted Painting Tools
538.(2) Rolls 3/8" Metal Banding
539.Hundreds of Shelf Clips
541.Metal Flat Bed Cart with Handle. 30"x54"x36"
542.Dust Master Drum Mount Vacuum Head. 5" OD Hose Connection, 110 Volt
543.Partial Spool of Stranded Copper Wire. Approx 11/16" OD of Wire, Approx 9/16" Diameter of Strand Bundle
544.(4) 6 1/2"x6 1/2"x42" Exterior Lights
545.Approx (11) 42"x48" Blackboard Panels
546.Hundred of 18"x18" Carpet Squares
547.(7) Assorted Electric Foot Control Pedals
548.(3) Datacase 18 3/4"x28"x31 3/4" 5-Drawer Cabinets. (1) Cabinet Missing (2) Drawers
549.Speed Lathe. Unknown Mfr, 4 1/2" Center Height, 5C Collet Nose, Collet Closer, No Motor, Mounted on Steel Plate, Approx 200lbs
551.Tsubaki Powered Conveyor. 12' Run, 10" Conveyor Width, 48" Drop Off Height, 220 Volt. Approx 144"x30"x52"
552.US Department of Defense Model MEP-016A Gasoline Powered Generator. 3kW 60Hz 120/208/240 Volt 1/3Phase Output, 4-Cylinder 32CI Displacement Chrysler Outboard Corp Engine, s/n: KZ01216. Includes (2) Square D Load Centers. Approx 24"x36"x25"
553.NEW Craftsman Model 59831 Work Bench Tool Box and (1) Craftsman 22252 Mobile Base
554.3-Wheel Cart wth Switch and Cord
555.Pair of 7-Tier Shelves. 36"x24"x84 1/2" Each
556.Coutant Model HTC1 Linear Power Supply. 100/120/240 Volt In, 5/12 Volt Out