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The Boeing Company Private Treaty Zimmerman Routers & American Sonic Cutters - - Starting at 10:00am Central

Item Photo Description
6 thumb_IMG_4349.JPGAmerican GFM Model US-120/CM-10 Ultrasonic Cutter. 120"x65" Cutting Table, (2) Vacuum Tables, 120"x65" Printing Table, 121.3" X-Axis Cutter Stroke, 72.8" Y-Axis Cutter Stroke, 3.3" Z-Axis Cutter Stroke, Unlimited C & U Axis Cutter Rotation, 123.4" Xs Printer Stroke, 67.4" Y-Axis Printer Stroke, +/- 90-Degree P-Axis Printer Rotation, .35" Max Cutting Depth, 460 Volt 3-Phase, s/n 6450

Estimated Removal Cost: $20,000

Click on lot for machine video.

Sale limited to United States Companies and Individuals